Manos in the fashion spotlight!

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Fashion-conscious readers of the New York Times’ style magazine “T” will have already seen this amazing spread of knitwear incorporated into high fashion styles, called “Retro Fitted.” But did you know there is also socially-conscious yarn making an appearance here? Paired with a stunning Valentino dress is a knitterly kerchief worked up in Manos del Uruguay’s Wool Clàsica. (If you want to style your own version, it’s color #17 and you could use one of these patterns!)


Photo: Willy Vanderperre. Stylist: Anne Christensen.

It’s always gratifying to see hand-knitting get this type of “mainstream” exposure. Wool Clàsica is such a wonderfully rustic yarn, being both hand-spun and hand-dyed, that it is a remarkable contrast to the fully-styled extravagance of the Valentino gown. It’s only too bad that the mainstream designers get all the credit in this type of spread, along with the amazing stylists and hair/makeup artists, and not enough spotlight goes to the skilled artisans who create the Manos line of yarns. I wonder what it would take to get an NYT fashion spread done at the Uruguay co-op? Just think of all the colors!

Maxima Mittens

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It’s getting towards fall weather here in the Northern Hemisphere, and I think it’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s the favorite season for knitters! Cold weather is the perfect motivator for getting insulating knitting projects done, and cold-weather accessories like scarves, hats and mittens are the perfect thing for providing a great feeling of accomplishment from a manageable project.

maxima mitten

I love knitting mittens for just this reason- they go quickly during the project, they are perfectly useful, and they are great for showing off a yarn like Manos del Uruguay Maxima! This pattern, “Handful of Berries Mittens” is knit up with Maxima with a unique thumb gusset you’ll love! Maxima is a super soft and squishy kettle-dyed merino. The worsted weight one-ply construction makes it a great all purpose yarn, and the fantastic yardage makes it perfect for one- skein accessory projects. With mittens, not only do you get a full project out one skein, but you get the joy of feeling such a soft yarn on your hands all the time when you are finished.

Normally we knitters just enjoy the yarn going through our hands during the knitting project, but with Maxima Mittens, you get to retain the feeling throughout the cold season. Happy Fall, Knitters!

Goodbye to old colors, hello new friends!

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It’s a bittersweet feeling to be announcing that a handful of colors of Manos Wool Clàsica are being discontinued. We want to be able to bring you exciting new things in the line, and a few old friends have to be retired to make room. It can be a little sad to see them go, but we know that having the flexibility to bring out new colors will be for the best.

102 - Canyon

However, inventory is still available on almost all of the colors that are being discontinued. If one of them is a particular favorite for you, there is still time to stock up! Here is the complete list of Clàsica colors that we are saying a fond goodbye to (12 semi-solid and 3 space-dyed), so you can make sure to plan accordingly.

  • E English
  • F Stone
  • I Quail
  • T Flannel
  • 17 Cheek
  • 20 Parma
  • 21 Soufflé
  • 24 Blush
  • 42 Marl
  • 46 Malachite
  • 53 Mulberry
  • 70 Spring
  • 102 Canyon
  • 103 Mar
  • 111 Eclipse