Embrace Accessories

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School is back in session, pumpkin-flavored anything is showing up on store shelves, and the temperatures are starting to dip – sounds like Fall in North America! In this blog post Fairmount Fibers would like to encourage you to embrace accessories knit or crocheted in your favorite Manos del Uruguay yarns.

A skein of Franca and a handful of hours can result in a quick gratification project. The above projects were all shared on blogs this month. Click on over to Illuminate Crochet for the crochet neck-warmer, Cosmos and Cashmere for slippers, and Nutmegknitter for the shawlette.


We have also taken notice of other accessories shared on Ravely. Top left to right: Woolyeyes’ Vancouver Fog in Wool Clasica, Jennigma’s Viburnum in Silk Blend, and bottom left to right:  pkschwab’s Brickstitch Hat in Maxima, and knittily’s from Echo to Aloha also in Maxima.

Don’t forget to click over to the Fairmount Fibers Patterns page for even more inspiration in Manos del Uruguay yarns! Let us know what makes it to your hook or needles first by tagging @ManosYarns in your Instagram photos, a comment here on the blog, on our Facebook page or in our Ravelry group. Happy Accessorizing!

Must Make a Mentolat

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The Fairmount Fibers team enjoys bringing the wonderful Manos del Uruguay yarns to North America.  Being surrounded by yarn, it is difficult to not think about which colorways would look best in each of the patterns we have. Mentolat is a pattern by Jocelyn J. Tunney that calls for 6 different colorways of Silk Blend: 300G Coffee, 3044 Briar, 3019 Dove, 3082 Shocking, 3202 Zinnia, and 3203 Tomato. We took a quick survey in-house to provide you with additional colorway inspirations!


Colorway 1: Jocelyn’s Pick

Colors from left to right: 3210 Tahiti, 3078 Kelly, 3079 Chartreuse, 3218 Silver, 3031 Nickel, 3059 Kohl

“This combines some of my favorite Silk Blend colors – Tahiti (one of our newer colors that I’ve been dying to work into something), Kelly (taps into my strange affection for vibrant grassy greens), Chartreuse (flourescent – need I say more?), and GREYS! Can’t get enough of every kind of grey (including our new-for-Fall-2014 Silver 3218).”


Colorway 2: Lisa’s Pick


Colors from left to right: 3044 Briar, 3019 Dove, 3014 Natural, 3218 Silver, 3214 Oxygen, 3029 Steel

“I liked the neutrals of the original but wanted to cool them down, so I started with 3029 Steel (possibly my favorite of all the Silk Blend colors).  From there, Oxygen and Silver were easy choices.  I think the set has a peaceful, watery feeling.  Time to cast on!”
Colorway 3: Brenna’s Pick

Colors from left to right: 3068 Citric, 300X Topaz, 3019 Dove, 3014 Natural, 3071 Wisteria, 3213 Countess Violet

“This combination seemed like the perfect blend of Spring and Fall, my two favorite seasons. I liked the added pop of rich jewel tones with the delicate, feminine purples and neutrals.”

If only there were more time in the day to actually knit! Which colorways would you put together for a Mentolat? Let us know in our Ravelry group (there’s even a Mentolat thread!), on our Facebook page, or tag us in an Instagram picture with your project ready to go!

Single Skein Projects

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Single skeins of yarn are the seed of any proper yarn stash. Maybe you selected that one skein as a souvenir or you couldn’t resist the color, or that is all the budget allowed. The question then presents itself: “What can you make with one skein of yarn?” All of the yarn in the Manos del Uruguay line have generous yardages that allow for ample choice in selecting a project. In this blog post, we will spotlight patterns and projects made with just one skein of yarn!

On FairmountFibers.com we have a dedicated page for our free patterns. That page is where you can find our newest patterns for Franca, where one 114 yard skein will be enough to knit a Weekend Cowl or a Honey Helmet. The bonus of bulky yarn is the resulting quick gratification project and a conservative use of your time and money! Presented here are Ravelry users woolnutzi’s Instant Baby Jacket in Mykonos and julesunder’s Another Montebello (check her project page for modifications) in Bebe.


Now is a great time of year to start on the accessories that will keep you cozy with weather changes. Each skein of Wool Clasica has around 138 yards and is a hearty single-ply yarn that gives great rustic texture to chunky outerwear and accessories. Newly added free patterns on FairmountFibers.com are Elizabethtown, shown in Olive, and Cold Brook, shown in Thistle.

Cablework tends to use up more yarn, but only one skein of Silk Blend (with 150 yards) is called for in the Hasbroucks fingerless gloves, designed by Elisabeth Nields, shown here in Briar. Serena has a slightly larger yardage, 170 yards, and a great accessory that only needs one skein of this yarn is the Alfajor hat pattern by Lisa R. Myers.

Super-soft merino fiber and a light single-ply construction make Maxima a cuddly yarn. The 219 yards makes it a great choice for a hat with an extra special design twist, as in the new free pattern by Melissa LaBarre, Peasleeville. This sample is knit in Zinnia. We spotted several lovely shawlettes knit in one skein of Maxima following the 198 yards of Heaven pattern, offered for free by designer Christy Verity. This is a pattern that looks nice in a semi-solid, as knit by jaybee2957, or in a variegated, as knit by Kernowgirl.

For the larger put-ups of our finer weight yarns, Lace (439 yards) and Alegria (445 yards) finding a one-skein project should not prove to be a difficult task.  Nereid, in the recently published New Vintage Lace is stunning in Lace. Ash Alberg is offering her new pattern, Double Scoop, free for a limited time (see the Ravelry page for details); the pattern, with different patterned sections will nicely showcase the Alegria colorways!

Are you surprised that the Manos yarn with the highest yardage is Fino? 490 yards per 100g skein is plenty for a variety of projects! The Fall 2014 Interweave Knits includes the Milkweed Shawl pattern by Nikki Van De Car, a gorgeous one skein pattern.

Have you turned a single skein of Manos into something simply fantastic? We’d love to see your projects and hope that you’d share the inspiration with others in our Ravelry group or on our Facebook page! You can also tag @ManosYarns in your Instagram photos.

Manos Yarns in KALs

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Have you ever noticed knitting and crocheting seem to have their own languages? SSK, K2tog, BO, CO, WIP, and FO are just a small sample of the lingo that enters your vocabulary with practice. Are you familiar with KAL? It is not part of pattern instructions but is the short-hand way to describe a group of knitters working on the same pattern (or pattern theme), at the same time. They are Knitting-A-Long together, in person at a yarn shop or virtually through the Ravelry community. In this blog post, we’d like to spotlight customer projects that were made as part of a KAL in Manos del Uruguay yarns!

Jimmy Beans Wool recently hosted a Game of Thrones themed Mystery KAL on Ravelry.  This type of KAL has the added twist of the knitter not knowing the full pattern before knitting; sections of the pattern are released as clues in intervals. Catherinesm used Alegria for her Stormborn shawl and Pinkpussykat’s version, right, used Fino.

The Yarnathon is a year-long event hosted by eat.sleep.knit where knitters and crocheters increase their fiber stash while working on quarterly challenges. One challenge was to work on a “new to you technique”. CharliWilson’s Open Sweater in Silk Blend and ilovemycello’s Safety Scarf in Maxima each fit the bill.


The Loopy Ewe hosts a virtual summer camp during the summer months. Camp Loopy presents challenges for each month of camp and the participants KAL with a focus on a theme instead of a particular pattern. Tbear10′s Jungle Breeze and HattiesPurls’ Jaws, each in Serena, reference a favorite book or movie from childhood summers.

Knitting and crochet may seem like solitary activities on the surface but working on a project at the same time as another friend in fiber can keep you motivated to finish or to inspire your next project. Also, we should mention there are Spinalongs (SAL)! The above image is from knittingsarah’s Instagram; she’s spinning for Tour de Fleece with the Bluejay colorway of our Merino Roving. We’d love to hear about your KAL, CAL, and SAL experiences! Share your work or groups with us in our Ravelry group, on the Facebook page, or if you currently have a KAL WIP feel free to tag us on Instagram!


New Pattern Round-Up

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Knitting is a relaxing activity for most, so it makes sense to continue that activity as the lazy days of Summer stretch out ahead of you. If you are planning on catching up on your favorite movies and shows near in air conditioned comfort or heading out into the sunshine, don’t forget to bring your projects with you. In this blog post Fairmount Fibers, the team that brings Manos del Uruguay yarns to you, is sharing the most recent patterns to include these wonderful yarns.
Quick to knit projects provide lots of satisfaction and now is a great time to start building your stash of cooler weather accessories! Franca, a bulky 100% superwash, is the newest Manos yarn to land on the shelves of your local yarn shop. There are three new free patterns available to make the most of this super-soft yarn: Honey Helmet, Weekend Cowl, and Esmeralda Hat & Scarf. Each pattern calls for one skein! We will be sure to post when new patterns for Franca are available. More project inspiration can also be found on our Pinterest board.


Susanna IC is the designer of the Grace Kelly Luxurious Beaded Shawl in Silver Screen Knits: Volume 2. The dramatic lace pattern and intricate beading are classically chic. Knit with two skeins of Lace for an accessory that is composed of baby alpaca for warmth and softness, silk for lustre, and cashmere for pure luxury! Another gorgeous option for Lace is Nereid, designed by Andrea Jurgrau, for New Vintage Lace. This is one of the more challenging projects in the book, with hex mesh and wonderful clusters. Beads are applied using a crochet hook.

Designer Grace Akhrem has done it again with two new patterns, each of which calls for Manos del Uruguay Maxima. The Riverbed Shawlette, shown left in M2020 Spirulina, can be knit in a worsted weight version with the Maxima, or a fingering weight version. The Peace Street Slouch and Beanie uses Maxima in M2349 Oxygen for the slouch style.
Serena is a lovely choice that truly spans the seasons. The Edmonia T-Shirt, by Amy Christoffers, is included in New American Knits. It makes for a light sweater, but would be great, as Amy suggests, with modifications to be longer as a tunic or with short sleeves for a summer top. Leticia, by Reiko Kuwamura, is a crescent-shaped shawl knit with 2 or 3 skeins of Serena. The baby alpaca and pima cotton blend allows for lovely drape and lightweight warmth.
Cheers to a wonderful summer with many many wonderful projects! Keep us posted on your progress and projects by sharing them in our Ravelry group, on our Facebook page, or tag us @manosyarns if you are Instagramming your adventures!