Spotlight on Heather Zoppetti

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Heather Zoppetti in her Feroce hat, knit in Manos Maxima Trifoglio Shawl in Manos del Uruguay Fino
Fairmount Fibers is proud to have established relationships with so many talented designers. In today’s post we’d like to put a spotlight on designer Heather Zoppetti. In the top photo she’s wearing her Feroce hat, knit in Manos Maxima. The Trifoglio Shawl is Heather’s latest design in Manos del Uruguay Fino. We reached out to Heather asking if she would share a bit of her background and experience working with Manos del Uruguay yarns. She was generous and kind with her time and we’re pleased to share her responses with you!
Dahlia Cardigan, designed by Heather Zoppetti, in Manos Serena
How did you first come to work with Manos yarns?
I first started designing with Manos yarns when I used Serena for my Dahlia Cardigan in Interweave Knits, Fall 2011. When Lisa sent me the yarn we realized that I live very close to the distributor, Fairmount Fibers, and so we began working together on various projects. I did a small collection for them and have tried to contribute to their pattern lines on a regular basis.
Heather Zoppetti designs in Manos Yarns

Top: Ricardito in Maxima, left, and Flan in Fino, right.
Bottom, left to right: Dulche de Leche in Serena, Tarta in Silk Blend, Bizcocho in Silk Blend

How did you get started knitting and designing? Who taught you?

I taught myself to knit from a book during college. My roommate wanted to learn to crochet, but I had tried that before without success, so she picked up crochet and I learned knitting. I think fell into designing like most other designers…I couldn’t knit a pattern without changing it. Soon I was changing so much, I decided I might as well simply design my own pattern just the way I wanted.
 Vasca, designed by Heather Zoppetti, in Manos Serena
Do you have a favorite yarn or colorway in the Manos Yarn line?
This is a hard question! So many of the colors are simply gorgeous. Right now I’m really into blues and greens, so I’m going to say my favorite color is Steel. My favorite base is probably Serena because it’s so unique. It’s such a curious blend of alpaca and cotton. It’s got a great drape and the perfect hand—really lovely to work with. Shown above is the Vasca cowl in Manos Serena.
Millersville Blouse, in Manos Serena, by Heather Zoppetti  Spathe in Manos Serena
Where do you draw inspiration from?
Inspiration is everywhere. Sometimes something as simple as a color or a shape will spark an idea; other times a stitch pattern will jump out at me. Sometimes the yarn itself tells me exactly what it wants to be. Shown above left, the Millersville Blouse in Serena, and right, the Spathe Shawl in Silk Blend.
Heather Zoppetti accessories in Manos Yarns

Tromen Cowl in Maxima, and Rocha hat in Wool Clasica

Do you have any Manos yarns currently on your needles?
I do! I’m currently working on three accessories for fall. Of course they are secret…
We are looking forward to sharing Heather’s new designs this fall, stay tuned! Until then, cast on one of her designs in your favorite Manos del Uruguay yarn today!


New Free Patterns in Manos Yarns

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Spring is a time to refresh and try something new – a new yarn or maybe a new pattern technique. Today we’d like to share with you several new patterns that spotlight the unique qualities of Manos del Uruguay yarns. These cowl patterns are available as free PDF downloads from, the U.S. distributor of the Manos yarn line.

Free Cowl Patterns for Manos Yarns

These 1-2 skein projects will work up quickly and we look forward to seeing your progress pictures on Instagram and Ravelry! Shown above, clockwise from top left: the Racimo Cowl in Alegria, the Escama del Dragon Cowl in Silk Blend, the Zigzag Cable Cowl in Clara, and the Tejido Cowl in Fino and Alegria.

Free patterns in Manos Yarns

On Ravelry, these new patterns calling for Manos Yarns are also free! Shown above from left to right: Herringbone Infinity Scarf in Maxima, Sara Basic Fingerless Mitts in Silk Blend, and Charlie Bottom Pants in Alegria.

Happy knitting in the Spring season!

Crochet All Year Long

Category: Featured Projects

Are you hooked on knitting, and ready to give crochet a chance? March is National Crochet Month, so it is fitting to put a spotlight on the wonderful crochet patterns and projects worked in your favorite Manos del Uruguay yarns!

Angelia Robinson Crochet Patterns in Manos del UruguayThe Fairmount Fibers team works to include crochet patterns in each Spring and Fall collection. Angelia Robinson is the designer behind Geranio and Tembetari, each in Serena, Viedma in Silk Blend (top right), Minas in Silk Blend (middle right), and Membrillo in Fino (bottom right).

Published Crochet Patterns

New pattern magazines are arriving on newsstands and at your LYS! Keep your eyes out for these freshly published designs! The Arrowhead Cardigan, Interweave Crochet Spring 2016, in Serena, the Floral Diamond Wrap, Great Yarns, Great Styles to Crochet Spring 2016, in Fino, and the Fern Shawl, Love of Crochet Spring 2016, also in Fino.

You’ll notice that these patterns call for our lighter weight yarns, but of course you can crochet with all the Manos del Uruguay yarns. Check out our Crochet board on Pinterest or our Ravelry group for more inspiration. We welcome being tagged in your Facebook and Instagram photos of your crochet projects all year long!

New for Spring 2016

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In February do you find yourself wishing for warmer days, lighter layers, and brighter colors? Spring is so close! What better way to prepare for its return than to start on a new project in a lighter weight yarn and in a fabulous pop of color? The Fairmount Fibers design team has a wonderful new pattern collection already in your LYS and on Ravelry!

Emma Welford Designs in Manos del Uruguay YarnEmma Welford is the featured designer for this collection. The garments and accessories are streamlined and elegant as well as fun to knit. Shown above from left to right: Coronilla in Serena, Eucalipto in Lace, Pitanga in Silk Blend, Azucena in Fino and Jazmin in Serena.

Kristen Ten Dyke and Angelia Robinson DesignsWe are pleased to have Kristen TenDyke and Angelia Robinson design with us once again. Kristen’s Chirca top in Silk Blend and  Narciso in Fino, (top left and center left) involve minimal seaming and allow the yarn to shine. Angelia’s crochet designs spotlight Serena. Geranio (center right) is crocheted in pieces from the bottom up, then seamed in this flattering design. The Tembetari cowl (above right) is lightweight, yet warm, and infinity scarves continue to be functional fashion accessories!

2016 Spring AccessoriesThe collection is rounded out by an assortment of accessories. From left to right: Almendro in Fino, Calliandra Cowl & Mitts in Clara, Mirto in Marina, Peperomia in Silk Blend, Envira Cowl in Silk Blend, and Ranunculo in Clara. We are looking forward to see the colors of Manos Yarns that you pair in each pattern!

2016 Free PatternsThree new free patterns are also available to make use of those special skeins you might have in your stash or simply cannot resist when you see them at your LYS! From left to right are the Alegria Shadow Shawl, the Dentado Scarf in two colors of Clara, and the Marina Circle Scarf. Enjoy these projects that you can knit or crochet, then wear right away!


New for You in the New Year

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Does the start of a new year inspire you to take on a crafting challenge? Perhaps this year you would like to focus on a particular technique or type of project. Inspiration abounds with a new Manos yarn, new colors, new patterns and the whole year is still ahead of you!

Pattern ideas to try something new

(Top: left to right) Paper Bag Hat, Vasca, Cobre, and Asturias
(Bottom: left to right) Bordure, Calida, Taylor Pond, and Bloques

Taking on a crafty challenge should be fun and interesting to you! If you only knit hats, why not try a cowl or handwarmers? Try a lace project, a sweater, add a cable twist, or even a blanket. Experiment by adding a pop of color with a stripe or two. We’d love to hear from you in the Manos del Uruguay Ravelry group – feel free to share your Manos Yarn stash enhancements and projects with us there!

Manos del Uruguay display at TNNA 2016

At the Winter TNNA show in San Diego, the newest patterns from the Fairmount Fibers team made their debut. The collection, featuring designs by Emma Welford, will be available at your local yarn shop and on Ravelry in the upcoming weeks. A new addition to the Manos Yarn line also debuted at the show. Marina, a 100% superwash merino laceweight, is arriving in stores now. The first pattern in Marina, the Feroe Shawl, is online and available for free at We are looking forward to your projects this year!