Clasica Design Contest Winners

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We received some really creative submissions to our Wool Clasica design contest – and while they didn’t number many, they were in such high quality that it was impossible for us to choose a favorite – so we didn’t!  All of these talented designers will be receiving prizes (read: free yarn!), and we’ll be publishing their patterns soon for your knitting pleasure.


Tweedledee & Tweedledum by QuiteCool:  This simple, quick knit is perfect for semisolids or space-dyed colors alike!


Affinity by NEEDdesigns:  This cozy slouchy hat uses twisted stitches and cables – no cable needle required! It’s knit from the bottom up and topped with a cute pompom.


Poco Rojo “Little Red” by MrsCollinHobbs: An adorable children’s hat with a lovely cabled pattern.  It is secured with a buttoned chin strap and covers the ears for maximum warmth!


Turban(d) by AmberMay:  This ribbed headband will keep your ears warm!  The twist in the front is a great detail on this quick-knitting fashionable accessory.


#77 Dream Hat by Ckknit:   A simple earflap hat with a lace pattern that won’t distract from space-dyed yarns!  Tassels and a pompom add a touch of fun to this quick-knitting hat.


Onda Cowl by Seni: This lacy scalloped cowl is quick-knitting and only takes 1 skein of Wool Clasica!


Stellar Cowl by Sharoneedlehands:  This two-skein cowl can also be work as a hood for maximum warmth!


Manos Wool Clasica Boot Tops by Nickersr:  These elegant cabled boot toppers will keep you warm this winter!

While we had a hard time deciding on a favorite design, the results were clear in our People’s Choice category – Ckknit’s #77 Dream hat won with 29 votes!


Thanks to everyone who took the time to create and submit these amazing patterns using Wool Clasica yarn! We can’t wait to share them with you so that you have plenty of quick knits to keep you and your loved ones warm this winter.  We’ll be sure to let you know when these patterns become available in our Ravelry Group and on our Facebook fan page!


  1. Sharon said:

    Thanks for running this contest. It was my first & a lot of fun! Love all the great hats. This should become a tradition.

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