Fair Trade from Start to Finish (part 3)

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Over the last few days we have introduced you to the artisans that create Wool Clasica, the people that bring the yarn to your yarn shops, and today you can meet the knitter and see the finished object!

This is Julie.


Julie is wearing the hat she made in her Beginners Knitting class, from the yarn Nicole had skeined and shelved.  (Pretty great for a beginner, huh?)

How do we know this is a skein that Lides spun and Ana dyed?

Julie's tag

Because Lides signed it.

This is what Manos del Uruguay stands for: ¬†artisanal yarn, cooperatively produced and fairly traded. When you choose Manos del Uruguay yarn, you’re choosing yarn with a purpose! Thank you for your continued support. We hope you continue to work with and support Fair Trade products, like Manos del Uruguay yarns, throughout the year!


  1. wini said:

    Much love and respect for the ladies of Manos de Uruguay.

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