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TinyOwlEditor’s Note:  Our first-ever guest blogger is Stephanie Dosen from Tiny Owl Knits.  You may know her through the wildly popular pattern The Beekeeper’s Quilt (and the ensuing hexipuff madness!), in addition to her many other delightful patterns.  Stephanie is sharing her thoughts about her favorite yarn from Manos Del Uruguay – read below for her entry AND your chance to win a free pattern from Tiny Owl Knits!

I am so excited to do a guest blog for Manos del Uruguay! There are a few yarn companies that excite me and take me back to the first days of my knitting life, and Manos is one of the majors for me! I worked in a yarn shop in Nashville, TN for several years and we ordered big shipments of Manos; especially the Wool Clasica. Every time the big boxes arrived, we actually fought over who got to “skein” the hanks!

For those of you that don’t know, the Clasica comes to yarn shops in long, un-twisted hanks. They arrive bound up (10 at a time) into giant yarn-y bales. They are so bulky and delicious that for all intents and purposes, they could serve as a yarn addict’s favorite teddy bear! The shops then separate the bundles and twist each individual hank up into goodies for the customer. My yarn store co-workers and I used to break open the boxes and hug the bundles before we broke them apart and began twisting the hanks. We’d even save the little yarn bits used to bind the bundles and make bracelets out of them! The colors were intoxicating. “Kettle dyed”, we’d say. “Each skein will be slightly different.” we’d repeat. Yes, I know it sounds like we were kind of pathetic, sitting on the floor cuddling yarn and taking any leftover scrap of Manos we could find to tie them around our wrists. But I promise, if you saw barrels of yarn like that, you may find yourself doing the same thing! It was much like how little kids feel about bubble wrap or big boxes. Grand excitement in hard times indeed.

yarn bundle

Now these days I’m feeling a little bit spoiled! I actually have a hefty stash of Manos sitting with me in this very room. In fact, when they contacted me for yarn support I had to look around my stash and sheepishly admit that I already had so much Manos, I might not actually need yarn support! *Ahem* What am I thinking!? Yes, please send any extra skeins to this address right away. I’m quite sure no one could actually ever have enough.

What do I like about Wool Clasica? I’m a huge fan of natural looking fiber. The way it is spun with a bit of slub and texture, yet it has a smooth appearance has always appealed to me. The colors are to dye for (Yeah, I made a pun. Sorry.) I love the variegation and the solids too. And I think it is the perfect wool for felting. There is such gorgeous texture in the finished product. I’ve got a pattern on the go right now that involves Wool Clasica and a tub of very hot water. I can’t wait to release it!

So what is the worst thing about Wool Clasica? The fact that no two batches are exactly alike leads a slightly neurotic knitter like me to purchase every single skein I touch! “I HAVE to get this wool! Just in case it was a fluke batch, and the like will never be seen by human eyes again!” I mean, you’d do the same thing right?


Giveaway alert! One of the most popular patterns I’ve ever released, the Deer with little Antlers Hat, uses Wool Clasica. I chose this yarn because of the woodsy look – it was the perfect color for a deer (it’s not often that a company with such a talent for variegated yarn gets the solid colors so right too!).

Three lucky readers will be randomly selected to win a FREE copy of this pattern.  Simply leave a comment on this blog post sharing your favorite Wool Clasica colorway (click here to view them all!) and your Ravelry ID or some other way for us to contact you.  We will randomly select three winners one week from today. Good luck!


  1. reiki said:

    123 Bluejay is my favorite
    reiki on ravelry

    | Reply
  2. Kenyetta said:

    LE4 and Jungle are my favorite colorways!
    Kenyetta on Ravelry

    | Reply
  3. I love the man-s magenta. I love dark but still bright colours. I think this fits that category perfectly. Would look great as a cowl and matching spats. 😀

    Ravelry ID: LadyKatka

    | Reply
  4. rose said:

    47 cerise is just yummy

    | Reply
  5. Melissa Z said:

    I love “man-701”!
    MissMelissaZ on Rav

    | Reply
  6. Oh man, I can’t decide between Eggplant and Juniper! So lovely!

    (zilliah on rav)

    | Reply
  7. mahabhakery said:

    Definitely 32 Gasoline!

    Ravelry ID: mahabhakery

    | Reply
  8. Sheila said:

    My favorite is moss and the color used in the deer hat.


    | Reply
  9. lafileuse said:

    Stellar is by far my fave!

    | Reply
  10. Carmen said:

    I can’t choose a favorite, but one of them I like is man-t Flannel

    | Reply
  11. quinn said:

    Jade! Mmmmmmmm, jade!!

    (I love Mermaid, too, but am in a generally semi-solid frame of knittingmind these days. Actually, you know what would be very cool? Something knit in Jade, with Mermaid details…like a Jade sweater with Mermaid cuffs….uh-oh.)

    Thanks so much for describing the bales. That is an image I will try to bring to mind any time I feel stressed at work!

    And your hat? Adorable 🙂 Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

    quinn on rav

    | Reply
  12. Kricky said:

    My favorites have to be Calypso and Caribe- they are both so gorgeous and would look good as just about anything!

    I am KisforKrissy on Ravelry

    | Reply
  13. Stacy said:

    I had the good fortune to get hands on quite a few hanks of Wool Classica on clearance a few years back. I love it! My favorite colorway of your current selections is Caribe. It reminds me of the water in the Caribbean with the vibrant variety of blues, teals and greens. I am Scarletpurls on Ravelry. Thanks

    | Reply
  14. I am torn between the semi- solid Rhubarb pink and the naturals 706 yellow green yarn. I love their colors and yarns. I am Fact Woman on Ravelry. Love the hat! So cute!!!

    | Reply
  15. OOh…I love Man-t flannel and Lily Pad. So pretty!

    carrieg777 on ravelry.

    | Reply
  16. Tori said:

    Man-704 is my FAVORITE. Oh I would adore getting reams and reams of it to knit the biggest cuddliest blankie in the world..
    Man-707 is exactly the color I’ve picked as the color for my new baby (due in may).. oh I wish I could knit a baby something with it..
    I’m a huge TOK fan too 🙂
    alystyn on Ravelry

    | Reply
  17. I love 77 Eggplant or man-s Magenta!

    Rav ID: TangledKnits

    | Reply
  18. Jo said:

    113 Wildflower – would love to knit a cosy hat to match my mittens in the silk blend version!
    jo-no = Ravelry ID

    | Reply
  19. Karen B said:

    I love the soft colors. Cheek is my favorite! My ravelry ID is hunnyb. I love all of Stephanie’s patterns. I am a huge fan of both Manos and Tiny Owl Knits! =)

    | Reply
  20. Lyn said:

    Ooooh the Naturals 706 is my absolute FAV! So, so pretty!

    Ravelry ID: coppertoptoo

    | Reply
  21. Irrelevant said:

    I love the manos yarns. They’re so pretty and the colors are beautiful.
    I’m Irrelevant on Ravelry.

    | Reply
  22. O said:

    i love the olive (55) and avocado (68)- what lovely woodsy greens! i could be a green deer 🙂 heehee.

    | Reply
  23. zillalatte said:

    Oh love this little blog of your yarny history. Love pinks so my favorite is the LE1 or rhubarb. Yummy squishy goodness.

    | Reply
  24. Kathleen Lester said:

    I really love LE1! But there are several others that are quite lovely!

    Rav ID: MissCake

    | Reply
  25. Verna Brightwell said:

    Pompeii is a beautiful color with the bits of red running thru to stimulate the senses. I’d love to trun it into a cowl.
    ajsgramma on Ravelry

    | Reply
  26. MissMarnie said:

    I’d like to hug that yarn too… while wearing that hat! 🙂

    | Reply
  27. Andelisha said:

    There are so many colors… it’s hard to choose a favorite. 🙂

    | Reply
  28. Hendrix said:

    I love me some semisolids, so my pick is definitely the ‘English’ green!

    Rav: TheHysterian

    | Reply
  29. “man-e English” is my fav, love the seascape colours!

    Rav: tiggersjp

    | Reply
  30. Margarita said:

    Fave colorway: man-s Magenta. I’m in love with purples currently and that looks absolutely lovely on my monitor.

    Ravelry ID: mmmag

    | Reply
  31. ToeHead on Ravelry said:

    I think that right now Natural 705 is my favorite. Such a great rustic orange/brown. Perfect for a Mr. Fox. 😉

    | Reply
  32. Christine said:

    I love mermaid…all such great colors put together into one yarn. Anything you make is sure to be beautiful!
    Christine – “iownapaint” on Ravelry

    | Reply
  33. Jennifer said:

    There are so many lovely colors…If I had to choose my favorites, Bing Cherry and Parma would be it!

    | Reply
  34. erygonz said:

    I love so many colors that it’s really difficult to choose just one! I usually use earthy tones so I would say 109 Woodland!
    Ravelry ID: erygonz

    | Reply
  35. Donna said:

    Sitting on the floor cuddling yarn sounds great to me! I love the natural look of the Wool Clasica and that every skein doesn’t look like every other. My favorite color is probably Forest Floor.

    | Reply
  36. Flame. The best colorway ever devised!

    | Reply
  37. Oh I forgot. My Ravelry ID is tonyfan4ever

    | Reply
  38. Susan G said:

    So hard to choose a favorite – but bluejay or jungle.

    | Reply
  39. I’m a huge fan of neutrals: LE2 is lovely! (I’m really digging most of the “man” colorways as well.)

    RavID: Wit

    | Reply
  40. Lindsay said:

    Thanks for the give away!!! I would have to say that for my favorite colors of manos, that it’s a toss up between Currant and Key lime!!!
    Sheepwokking on Ravelry

    | Reply
  41. I’m loving 100 Agate! Thanks for the chance to win a TOK pattern 🙂

    | Reply
  42. Jubbers said:

    I was actually just looking at Wool Clasica the other day (I’m putting together my wishlist for my upcoming birthday) and lusting over two of the limited edition colors: LE1 and LE2. Bramble and Autumn are a close 3rd and 4th though 🙂

    Jubbers and Ravelry

    | Reply
  43. Audrey said:

    I have only tried a couple of the Manos yarns, but I loved them! I will have to try it with this pattern 🙂

    | Reply
  44. Katie said:

    Ohh! I love French Blue. I’m such a blue girl.

    Reminds me of a song… I’m blue, da do de da do da…

    antarestar on Rav.

    | Reply
  45. Cabled said:

    Hellotrope and man-708 are my favorites!

    (rav name: CabledCrusader)

    | Reply
  46. Nice post, Stephanie

    Oh my, what lovely yarn. I worked in a yarn shop once upon a time, but we didn’t carry Manos, and none of what we carried came in a bale like that – I am kind of jealous! 🙂

    I am going to have to try a skein. Or two… or three. Based on Stephanie’s endorsement. 🙂 I think I would have to start with either Caribe or Flannel. Those are both so yummy looking!

    | Reply
  47. Kirsten said:

    It’s a 3 way tie between Malachite, Mulberry and Poppy! There are so many wonderful colors!

    Ravelry ID: knittingalovesong

    | Reply
  48. owlsRmine said:

    I love #109 with the rich wines and oranges and greens! I’ve been hoarding it waiting for the perfect project to show off the color.

    owlsRmine on Ravelry

    | Reply
  49. ohhhh, so pretty! i am loving celery and golden rod!! and i LOVE that little deer hat pattern of yours too ♥
    InspiredMama (at) msn (dot) com
    InspiredMama on ravelry

    | Reply
  50. 66 Poppy is my favorite.
    My Ravelry ID: rilana

    | Reply
  51. 568 Citric is my favorite
    swamps42 on ravelry

    | Reply
  52. Such beautiful yarn colors! I’m torn between agate and thistle!
    talicat on Ravelry

    | Reply
  53. tacitcat said:

    Wildflowers will always be my favorite colorway.

    | Reply
  54. Shannon O. said:

    I love Manos and Tiny Owl Knits. I’m currently in love with the Manos color Juniper. I just can’t decide if I want Juniper Wool Clasica or Juniper Rittenhouse Merino.

    rav id: lochknitsmonster

    | Reply
  55. dee said:

    space dyed sage : )

    | Reply
  56. Michelle said:

    Just one? Really? I’d have to say man-704. Looks gorgeous!
    Shull on Ravelry

    | Reply
  57. Vidalia said:

    My favourite shade is Oilslick – I think they should change the name to Grace Slick though.
    Knitjitbiskit on Ravelry.

    | Reply
  58. Rosin because it looks like the colour of brambles, the flower of the landscape I come from!
    My ravelry-ID is Kafferepet = Coffeeparty ( in Sweden old ladies get together, drinking coffe from small cups, eating 7 diffrent kinds of cookies and buns and knit! That is a Kafferep!)

    | Reply
  59. jobungalow said:

    This yarn looks and sounds luscious! I need to get my hands on some. My fave colourway is LE3, I love that green.
    jobungalow on Ravelry

    | Reply
  60. Catriona daynes said:

    I love this range the colours are beautiful. I see all my wool as my babies waiting to see what they will grow to be so I can’t have favourites. ( but I would say the naturals range would be first to reach adolescence ;D
    Catriona xx

    | Reply
  61. Tangled-threads said:

    Hercules for me. Just beautiful!

    | Reply
  62. Ali said:

    Stellar is my choice, such lovely combination.

    | Reply
  63. Deb said:

    Hard choice! 43 Juniper if I *had* to choose one. debkm 🙂

    | Reply
  64. zillalatte said:

    oh My favorites are the pink LE1 and Rhubarb, yummy yarny goodness!

    | Reply
  65. I love Rosin. Manos has created so many beautiful colorways and I’ve loved using them over the years.
    Keep making beautiful yarn!

    | Reply
  66. Mick V said:

    They are all so very yummy!!
    I cant just pick one! So Man 707 perfect shade of green!! And man 40- goldenrod! And usually yellow isnt a normal pick.
    LOVE TOK!!!

    | Reply
  67. phoebe-bird said:

    796 Tabby is wonderful.

    username on ravelry is phoebe-bird.

    | Reply
  68. tracy said:

    Man702 — classic.–tracy
    I’m meadviewmarket on Ravelry

    | Reply
  69. TypoQween said:

    I like the naturals collection colorway and the Limited Edition..but that one on the far right in LE is da Bomb!

    rav id – Typoqween (for drawing)


    | Reply
  70. Alix said:

    Ooh, i think it has to be Rainbow Trout – with Bramble and Adobe tied for second. (ribbonboy on ravelry)

    | Reply
  71. Alison said:

    My favourite is man-46 Malachite. So beautiful and vibrant!

    pinksheep50 on Ravelry

    | Reply
  72. Mia said:

    Sadly it doesn’t show me the colour names, probably because I’m using the phone. But I adore this glowing green and I love the lemony yellow and the pastel pink limited edition!

    | Reply
  73. Denise said:

    I absolutely love the colorway Potpourri, beautiful!

    Rav ID: Spiffyniftyriffic

    | Reply
  74. nisipici said:

    I already have Stephanie’s pattern, but I wanted to comment because I LOVE and ADORE Manos Maxima. I recently finished Saroyan in Maxima, which I made very large with many repeats. I’ve barely taken it off since I finished it, and just commented the other day that it is so soft and cuddly that it is like wearing a stuffed animal around my neck all day. Funny that Stephanie should liken the Wool Classica to a teddy bear. That sold me. I am off to purchase a few hanks of Wool Classica in either the Dove or Celery colorway (so hard to choose!) for another Saroyan.

    | Reply
  75. Ashley Humphries said:

    I like the man-q Calypso! It’s so pretty~

    Email is a good way to contact 🙂
    Good luck everyone!

    | Reply
  76. Oh my goodness! Hard to pick a favorite, as I am a color wh**e! French blue will probably be my first purchase from this gorgeous collection!

    | Reply
  77. I have to say that I can’t stop thinking about the loveliness of 122 Mermaid

    Rav ID: polyartgirl

    | Reply
  78. I have been lucky enough to see Manos revealed at my LYS. It was such a glorious sight!

    RAV ID: PandoraPhelps

    | Reply
  79. Dani said:

    I can’t wait to see your new pattern! And now I’m going to have to find some of this yarn and give it a go for some for my felted projects. Thanks for the awesome blog post. =)

    | Reply
  80. Kristy said:

    Wildflowers! Or Poppy! Or Violets…Mint, Flannel! They’re all fantastic. 🙂

    You’re so right about the solids!

    I’m KricKnit on Ravelry 🙂

    | Reply
  81. Gaynor said:

    I love Woodland and Prairie. x

    | Reply
  82. Nicole said:

    Unfortunately I have not had the priveledge of trying the Wool Classica yarn, however I have been dying to knit up the Deer with Antlers hat, not just for me, but my whole family 😀 😀 😀 My Ravelry name in Fantasieknit and I would Love to get the chance to make this a deer family 😉
    Happy Knitting Everyone!!

    | Reply
  83. Jenn said:

    Ooh! I love, love, love the Stellar colorway! Thanks for the chance to win! (I’m bluej on Ravelry)

    | Reply
  84. Jo said:

    honestly! how do you pick just one? If I have to, though I’ll go with Lily Pad. Cuz I love water lilies.
    I’m damitJim-imaKNTR on Ravelry

    | Reply
  85. Elaine said:

    For this project I would have to choose between 44-Briar or 31-Nickel – but I would love to have the 57-Raspberry for a nice cowl.

    | Reply
  86. Rachel said:

    I don’t knit yet, but I know a lady who does and she recently knitted my boyfriend a jumper which looks absolutely lovely! I’ve had my eye on your patterns for a couple of months now and I’m so tempted to buy a couple and see how addictive this knitting malarky is! They’re so modern and stylish and beautiful. I’m sure all of my friends would be jealous.

    Looking at the colours on the website, although I’m not a girly-pinky person I actually quite like the look of the limited edition pink (LE1). They all look gorgeous though (especially the multi-tonal ones), and I guess my exact choice of colour would depend on the project. 🙂

    (I don’t have a ravelry account yet…I’ve included my e-mail address in the ‘mail’ box, but here it is again:

    | Reply
  87. minja said:

    I ♥ the green! So fresh! Waiting for spring! ☼
    Minja on Ravelry

    | Reply
  88. Flame and Raspberry are my two favs!

    KazKitty on Ravelry

    | Reply
  89. Celine said:

    It’s hard for me to decide which color! but i have to say Rainbow Trout is gorgeous.

    rav id: BunnySlippersocks

    | Reply
  90. Sunsoakeddreamer said:

    I love the violets color way, and tiny owl knits!
    Sunsoakeddreamer on ravelry

    | Reply
  91. I can’t say all of them? Because that’s probably the truth.

    Eek. If I have to pick, then I suppose mint or souffle- I haven’t knit with those colors yet but I’d love to!

    | Reply
  92. Lava and Mulled Wine are pretty awesome. And that’s such a cute pattern!

    | Reply
  93. Oooh, I love 51 Jade!!

    | Reply
  94. lindaran (on Rav) said:

    I really like the space-dyed ‘Forest Floor’. Great color combination!

    | Reply
  95. eomaynard said:

    I love (594) Woad, both for its beauty and fun it is to say 😉
    eomaynard on ravelry

    | Reply
  96. Lea said:

    I have about 25 pounds of the stuff in my stash 😀 obviously I love the yarn. Lotsoknots on Rav

    | Reply
  97. BigAshDog said:

    I love 705. It is the perfect golden brown.

    BigAshDog on rav.

    | Reply
  98. I just got some LE4 and it’s incredible!
    I also *love* oilslick.

    | Reply
  99. V said:

    Ravelry ID: valkyriechan

    I love Chestnut. Perfectly neutral!

    | Reply
  100. Dawn said:


    mom2x2 on Ravelry

    | Reply
  101. april said:


    | Reply
  102. Fave color: always Wildflowers! Love the color combination.

    RavID: RainMomma

    | Reply
  103. Lisa said:

    Raspberry looks delicious! Love from LisaAMartin1 on Ravelry xx

    | Reply
  104. Faeryfolk said:

    Oh what a happy discovery this yarn is (just new to knitting here :o) my fave so far is Wool Clasica Man-35 Uranium! So earthy-foresty-good! Perfect camouflage for a bout of woodland deer spotting I think! Hehe!

    Revelry name is: faeryfolk

    | Reply
  105. KnittingT-rex said:

    I love the Man-708 and 116-Caribe and w-persimmon the best 🙂

    | Reply
  106. minja said:

    I love the man-706! A beautifull green, just made for me! ♥

    | Reply
  107. fairystitches said:

    Oh my gosh, that’s like picking your favorite child ~ 737 Lily Pad is amazing and I love 112 Moss ~ hum, guess that wasn’t too difficult after all!! Stephanie you and your patterns are so delightful!!!

    | Reply
  108. Alison said:

    Stellar is my favorite
    lili76 on Ravelry

    | Reply
  109. Katie said:

    My favourite is Zambezi I think, but all of them are lovely!

    Rav ID: whatkatiedid19

    | Reply
  110. Denise Cripps said:

    I love berry and purple colours in winter so 117 violets is my favourite. Luscious! My Ravelry ID is moulins40.

    | Reply
  111. Lexi H. said:

    Blush is my favorite!

    | Reply
  112. ELP said:

    Have you sent out the prizes? It says I won it, but I have not received the pattern. My email is Thank you!

    | Reply
  113. hitchikergal87 said:

    I really enjoy the look of the Wool Clasica Natural “Fossil”. The Wool Clasica just has a rustic look & feel to it that the other yarns I’ve seen can’t produce!

    | Reply
  114. Auntypodes said:

    Lovely yarn, great designer. Oh how I wish I, too, had a stash of Manos! Alas!

    | Reply
  115. chaline said:

    LOVE that hat it’s so CUE HOOT !!!!!! I’m working on Orchids and Fairy Lights right now and it’s coming on nicely. ,<3

    | Reply

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