Super-soft merino fiber and a light single-ply construction make Maxima a cuddly yarn. ¬†With its popular worsted-weight gauge, you’ll find plenty of uses for Maxima!

*New for Fall 2016

Fiber Content

100% extrafine merino wool


approx. 219 yds / 200 mts per 3.5 oz / 100 g


18 - 20 sts = 4" / 10cm

Needle Size

US 6 - 8 / 4 - 5 mm

Care Instructions

Hand wash in cold water. Dry flat.


M2149 Petal
M2104 Cotton Candy
M2145 Coral
M2193 Cactus Flower
M2175 Shocking
M2176 Oxblood
M2152 Cherrywood
M2199 Carmine
M2169 Speeding Ticket
M2110 Zinnia
M2183 Sweet Potato
M2293 Leo
M2031 Saffron
M2040* Daffodil*
M2060 Highlighter
M2020 Spirulina
M2272* Peat*
M2341 Acid
M2321 Herb
M2336 Wetland
M2394 Teal
M2342 Eucalyptus
M2349 Oxygen
M2431 Helium
M2419 Blueberry
M2445 Royal
M2414 Larkspur
M2451 Ion
M2602 Prince
M2631 Concord
M2680 Sea Urchin
M2545 Pewter
M2409* Raindrop*
M2426 Stratus
M2459* Flurry*
M2590 Natural
M2241 Sand
M2237 Reindeer
M2294* Loam*
M2500 Black
M2515 Slate
M2540 Kohl
M2552 Foil


M8977 Tigerlily
M6220 Fire
M4370 Peach Melba
M8673 Fruits of the Forest
M9567 Rainforest
M9644 Chrysanthemum
M9880* Jellybean*
M9111 Meltaway Mints
M9416 Borealis
M9079 Currant
M7240 Coquina
M8106 Kermit
M9014 Chamomile
M6761 Agua
M9850 Freshwater
M9423 Gemstone
M9597 Purple Rain
M7602 Grapevine
M8881 Beehive
M6918 Camo
M6759 Fawn
M9298 Arctic Shadow
M7164 Ultramarine
M9596 Fractal
M7121 Marie Antoinette
M7158 Mixed Berries
M9332 Nantucket
M9775* Marble*