Super-soft merino fiber and a light single-ply construction make Maxima a cuddly yarn. ¬†With its popular worsted-weight gauge, you’ll find plenty of uses for Maxima!

*New for Fall 2015

Fiber Content

100% extrafine merino wool


approx. 219 yds / 200 mts per 3.5 oz / 100 g


18 - 20 sts = 4" / 10cm

Needle Size

US 6 - 8 / 4 - 5 mm

Care Instructions

Hand wash in cold water. Dry flat.


M2149* Petal*
M2104 Cotton Candy
M2145 Coral
M2193 Cactus Flower
M2175 Shocking
M2176 Oxblood
M2199* Carmine*
M2169 Speeding Ticket
M2110 Zinnia
M2183 Sweet Potato
M2152 Cherrywood
M2122 Mahogany - DISC
M2293* Leo*
M2031 Saffron
M2020 Spirulina
M2060 Highlighter
M2341 Acid
M2314 Fern - DISC
M2321 Herb
M2336 Wetland
M2394 Teal
M2342 Eucalyptus
M2349 Oxygen
M2431 Helium
M2419* Blueberry*
M2445 Royal
M2414 Larkspur
M2451 Ion
M2602 Prince
M2631 Concord
M2680 Sea Urchin
M2545 Pewter
M2426 Stratus
M2590 Natural
M2241 Sand
M2237 Reindeer
M2515 Slate
M2290 Dark Chocolate - DISC
M2500 Black
M2540 Kohl
M2552 Foil


M8977 Tigerlily
M6220 Fire
M4370 Peach Melba
M8673 Fruits of the Forest
M9567 Rainforest
M9644 Chrysanthemum
M9416* Borealis*
M9111 Meltaway Mints
M9079 Currant
M7240 Coquina
M6353 Key Lime - DISC
M8106 Kermit
M9014 Chamomile
M6761 Agua
M9850 Freshwater
M9423 Gemstone
M9597 Purple Rain
M7602 Grapevine
M6726 Buccaneer - DISC
M8881 Beehive
M6918 Camo
M6759 Fawn
M9298 Arctic Shadow
M7164 Ultramarine
M9596 Fractal
M7121 Marie Antoinette
M7158 Mixed Berries
M9332 Nantucket