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U.S. Distributor of Manos del Uruguay Yarns

Celebrating Manos del Uruguay Yarns

The knitting and crochet community often feels small and intimate yet it spans the globe. Fair Trade products, like Manos del Uruguay yarn, aim to connect the global community! This year is especially meaningful to us as we celebrate half a century of making yarn.

50 Years of Manos Yarns 


Did you know that Manos del Uruguay began making yarn in 1968? That means this year is the 50th Anniversary! That’s certainly a milestone worth celebrating, and we’ve been looking back through our scrapbooks of collaborations and knitting and crochet publications over the years. Styles may change, especially the hair!, and we are proud of our role in providing quality yarns that also give back.  Manos del Uruguay yarns are spun from local wool with dyes made in small lots heated by bamboo or gas. It is a sustainable process and allows the artisans to provide for their families without having to relocate from the countryside to the larger cities. From the beginning, the goal has always been to give economic, social and personal development opportunities to the women in Uruguay's countryside. The next time you reach for a skein of Manos from the shelf of your local yarn shop or in your stash, take a moment to look at the tag. Among the printing on the label is something truly unique, the signature of the artisan. Put a face to the name! Click here to see the artisans who create your exquisite yarn. Do you have a favorite Manos del Uruguay yarn or pattern from years past? We’d love to see your vintage stash or perhaps that Manos wool sweater knit so many years ago! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Ravelry!

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