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Crochet All Year Long

Are you hooked on knitting, and ready to give crochet a chance? March is National Crochet Month, so it is fitting to put a spotlight on the wonderful crochet patterns and projects worked in your favorite Manos del Uruguay yarns! Angelia Robinson Crochet Patterns in Manos del UruguayThe Fairmount Fibers team works to include crochet patterns in each Spring and Fall collection. Angelia Robinson is the designer behind Geranio and Tembetari, each in Serena, Viedma in Silk Blend (top right), Minas in Silk Blend (middle right), and Membrillo in Fino (bottom right). Published Crochet Patterns New pattern magazines are arriving on newsstands and at your LYS! Keep your eyes out for these freshly published designs! The Arrowhead Cardigan, Interweave Crochet Spring 2016, in Serena, the Floral Diamond Wrap, Great Yarns, Great Styles to Crochet Spring 2016, in Fino, and the Fern Shawl, Love of Crochet Spring 2016, also in Fino. You'll notice that these patterns call for our lighter weight yarns, but of course you can crochet with all the Manos del Uruguay yarns. Check out our Crochet board on Pinterest or our Ravelry group for more inspiration. We welcome being tagged in your Facebook and Instagram photos of your crochet projects all year long!

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