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Fairmount Fibers, Ltd.
U.S. Distributor of Manos del Uruguay Yarns

Help us name the newest colors of Manos yarns!

banner We've just gotten a gorgeous batch of brand new yarn colors delivered, and now that we've narrowed down a few of our most favorites, we need your help in naming them! Since we're always trying to anticipate which shades will be most appealing to Manos del Uruguay yarn lovers, it only makes sense that we would turn to you for suggestions on what next season's colorways should be called. We have five particular shades that we need your help on, for new colors in Maxima, Rittenhouse, Wool Clàsica and Silk Blend. Leave your suggestions in the comments below, and be sure to specify which color option your name pertains to! There just might be some Manos yarn in a certain NEW colorway in store for the author of a chosen suggestion... #1 Wool Clàsica: clasica-web #2 Rittenhouse: rittenhouse-web #3 Maxima: maxima-web1 #4, also in Maxima: maxima-web2 #5 Silk Blend: silk-web Do any of these colors evoke a great naming idea in your imagination? Do they remind you of seasonal or landscape scenes, famous figures or community role models, or your favorite Crayola hue? Do they motivate you with a great new knitting project idea? Let us know! Leave a comment with your naming suggestion before March 25th, and you just might see your idea on the newest skeins of Manos del Uruguay!

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