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Helpful Hints for the Electric Reversible Shaker Cowl

A few of the techniques for the Electric Reversible Shaker Cowl may be unfamiliar, so we thought we'd offer some guidance. electric reversible shaker cowl pic2 The two-step cast-on gives a lovely decorative edge, is very elastic, and makes a terrific foundation for rib stitches because there's no "wrong-color" purl bump at the base. Once you've cast on, the Shaker Rib stitch is a two-round repeat. Round 1, using Color A, involves alternately slipping all the purl stitches while making a yarnover, and knitting each knit stitch with its neighbor yarnover: Round 2 uses Color B. You purl each purl stitch with its neighbor yarnover, and slip each knit stitch while making another yarnover. The bind-off is a little odd. I wanted something that would mimic the look of the cast-on and maintain its elasticity. Again, there are two steps. First, cut color A and thread it through a darning needle. Pass the darning needle through each purl stitch, then knit each knit stitch (with its neighbor yarnover). For the second round, cut color B and thread it through a darning needle, and work a variation on the basic sewn bind-off -- but very loosely. Do try these techniques; they're not difficult, and you'll be rewarded with a delightfully warm, fluffy cowl!

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