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Independent Designs & Fan Projects in Manos del Uruguay Yarns

As we posted previously, Manos del Uruguay is celebrating 50 years of making Fair Trade yarns. We are thankful that so many knitters and crocheters enjoy working with our yarn! Today we would like to spotlight completed projects and a few independent designs that caught our attention as we were browsing Ravelry.

Independent Designs

   In addition to the wide variety of industry publications, we enjoy seeing independent designers self-publish patterns using Manos del Uruguay yarns. Madilyn Mendoza’s Galaxy Shortie Socks pattern, calling for Alegria, is available as a free Ravelry download. Crocheters can pair their favorite colorway of Silk Blend with the Softly Graphic Mitts by Denise Voie de Vie. The small version of Laura Patterson’s Rampion is knit with a single skein of Alegria.

Ravellenic Games 2018 Completed Projects

  On Ravelry, there is an informal group where users form teams and challenge themselves to compete in themed events by knitting or crocheting on projects while watching the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. These two projects were knit as part of the “single skein” event. Reill knit a pair of Peekaboo Mitts using one skein of Maxima and Stitchnerd knit an Ali Hat with Wool Clasica.

Truly Unique Knit Sweaters

  One of our favorite things about knitting is that there are no knitting police! You should be proud of your work, especially when it is as fun and unique as these. Bon-Qui-Qui used a Mentolat kit to knit a sweater instead of the scarf. TheReelLi added an intarsia design to the front of the Flax Light baby sweater knit in Alegria. We hope these ideas from your fellow Ravelry knitters have inspired your next project! We like and often share your project photos that are shared to our Facebook page, in our Ravelry group, or when you tag us on Instagram!  

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