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Joining the Hem in Forsythia with Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend

Forsythia is one of Elizabeth Smith’s designs in the Spring 2021 Manos del Uruguay collection. This pullover uses asymmetrical visual details and an interesting hi/low split hem construction to give the classic poncho a modern twist. In this tutorial we will guide the knitter through joining the front and back split hems.

The lower body begins with the back and front split hems worked separately in rows. Silk Blend provides softness and sheen, while also showcasing a lovely stitch definition in the asymmetrical eyelets. The original pattern photos are shown above in Topaz, while our demonstration project uses Cactus Flower. 

The front and back hems are worked flat to the lengths instructed in the pattern. The yarn is cut when the front hem is complete and left attached to the back hem to continue working. 

First, we knit the back hem needle to the last two stitches.

The front hem needle is placed in front of the back hem needle, overlapping the first 2 stitches of the front and the last 2 stitches of the back. 

The first front stitch is knit together with the second-to-last back stitch.

Place a marker to indicate the side “seam”. 

The second front stitch is knit together with the last back stitch.

Now, continue across the front in pattern as instructed to the last two front stitches and overlap those last two front stitches on top of the first two back stitches. 

Knit the second-to-last front stitch together with the first back stitch. Place a second stitch marker to indicate the side “seam” and end of the round - here we’ve used a more decorative beaded marker to be distinctive. 

Knit the last front stitch together with the second back stitch - and voila! - you’ll now be knitting your garment in the round up to the underarms. The upper back and front are worked separately in rows.

Keep in mind while knitting in the round, alternating skeins is a good idea. To do this knit two rounds from one skein, then two rounds from another skein. Alternating skeins in this manner will help blend any color variations. 

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