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Manos in the fashion spotlight!

Fashion-conscious readers of the New York Times' style magazine "T" will have already seen this amazing spread of knitwear incorporated into high fashion styles, called "Retro Fitted." But did you know there is also socially-conscious yarn making an appearance here? Paired with a stunning Valentino dress is a knitterly kerchief worked up in Manos del Uruguay's Wool Clàsica. (If you want to style your own version, it's color #17 and you could use one of these patterns!) [caption id="attachment_504" align="aligncenter" width="483" caption="Photo: Willy Vanderperre. Stylist: Anne Christensen."]nyt-kerchief[/caption]

It's always gratifying to see hand-knitting get this type of "mainstream" exposure. Wool Clàsica is such a wonderfully rustic yarn, being both hand-spun and hand-dyed, that it is a remarkable contrast to the fully-styled extravagance of the Valentino gown. It's only too bad that the mainstream designers get all the credit in this type of spread, along with the amazing stylists and hair/makeup artists, and not enough spotlight goes to the skilled artisans who create the Manos line of yarns. I wonder what it would take to get an NYT fashion spread done at the Uruguay co-op? Just think of all the colors!

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