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New Free Patterns

Have you checked out the Fairmount Fibers Free Patterns page recently? We are always adding new designs that offer creative ways to use Manos del Uruguay yarns. We do let people know on our Twitter, Facebook, and Ravelry groups when something new goes up, but it never hurts to go and check the page, because the list of free patterns has been growing rapidly! Two of our most recent additions are great patterns for knitting warm winter garments or accessories! The Main Street Scarf is luxurious to knit and to wear, in the soft and drapey Manos Silk Blend. A ruffled scarf is actually perfect for cold weather, since the extra texture and layers from the ruffles help trap insulating pockets of air. Between the fabric's fullness and the wool content in the yarn, this scarf will definitely help with keeping warm this winter! Another great winter pattern is the Dakota Men's Vest. Knitting a men's garment sometimes takes a little bit more of a time commitment, but what better way to spend the time that we're stuck inside, waiting for nicer weather? Worked in Manos Wool Clàsica, the finished vest is soft, sturdy and of course warm. Adding a vest to an outfit is a great way to add warmth without adding bulk... so the recipient could add it to their clothing layers without interfering with the fit of their overcoat. And just think... by the time we are done with all this winter knitting and bundling up, it will be time to think about spring knitting already!

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