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November's News

Here's a round-up of some of the new Manos happenings to have hit the web in November! We have a few new colors that are already ready for the Spring lines, like Ultramarine in Maxima (below) and four colors of Serena: Fig, Mineral, Thunder and Dusk. If you haven't tried our soft, single-ply Maxima yet, I can't think of a better reason to get some right away than a lovely, subtly variegated shade like this: Another November happening in the knitting world was the release of the winter Twist Collective magazine. I think everyone looks forward to the new issues of Twist, but we especially anticipate it when there's a Manos project involved! You may recall from my last blog post that I think Rittenhouse is an ideal yarn for sweaters. Apparently, Mari Muinonen and Twist agree, because they've provided this wonderful Freija sweater design. freija_d_500 This stylish sweater is another great example of how fantastic Rittenhouse is for showing off fancy knitting with clear stitch definition. Freija would be a great design choice for the type of heirloom or masterpiece garments that I think this yarn is so perfect for... all that elaborate cablework would really show for everyone to admire, and you could be certain that your hard work would last in a low-pilling, hard-wearing yarn choice. I'm so thrilled that Twist Collective is showing off Rittenhouse in this wonderful pattern; it was great news for Manos and sweater knitters alike! It's making me really look forward to seeing what knitting news we're involved in next month... I always enjoy sharing these wonderful ideas and great yarns.

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