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Shawls for All

Make the Spring Transition with a Shawl!

Figuring out what to wear can sometimes be a challenge when transitioning between the seasons. Shawls ease this seasonal shift as they are functional and stylish! Manos del Uruguay yarns of a finer gauge are beautiful choices for shawl projects; here are a few of our current favorites. 

Shawl Patterns from Fairmount Fibers

Manos Spring Shawls Our newest pattern collection includes (above, left to right) Aramingo in Clara, Bodine in Alegria, and Palethorp in Marina. If you don't want to have to worry about pinning or wrapping your shawl to stay in place, Aramingo is a great choice: it's a combination of a cowl and a shawl! Bodine and Palethorp are each triangle-shaped and can be worn with the point of the triangle in the front, back, or on your shoulder. 

Shawl Patterns in New Publications

New shawl patterns to knit and crochet in Manos Yarns Spring also brings new patterns to inspire your next project. Shown above, clockwise from the left: Gryphon Shawl (Cast On, Spring 2017) knit in Silk BlendSmattering Wrap (Making No.3 / Dots) crocheted in Milo, and the Pfeiffer Shawl (Interweave Knits, Spring 2017) knit in Silk Blend.  We hope one of these patterns will be just right for your next spring project! We'd love to see your shawl style with Manos yarns - share your photos with us on Ravelry, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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