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Fairmount Fibers, Ltd.
U.S. Distributor of Manos del Uruguay Yarns

Spotlight on Manos del Uruguay Space Dyed Yarns and Pattern Inspiration

Manos del Uruguay yarns are available in a broad color palette that includes soft and subtle and wild and bold options. You’ll find tonals, semisolids, and variegated colors to use individually or in combination with each other. Today we are putting our space-dyed shades and a few patterns that best support them in the spotlight. We hope you find inspiration to take that special skein from your stash and cast on something wonderful!

What are Space Dyed Yarns?

Space dyed yarns are those in which multiple colors are applied along the length of the yarn at intervals. The co-operatives utilize a number of different techniques to create this effect including kettle-dying with a resist-dye technique or hand-dyeing where the colors are applied with spray bottles, squirt bottles, and powder dyes with an applicator. Often these different techniques are used in combinations to get the eye-catching results you love to see on the shelves of your local yarn shop

Patterns and Projects Featuring Space-Dyed Yarn

The Fairmount Fibers team has a number of free and paid-for patterns to make the most of these unique yarns. 

We’ve noticed the patterns with the most projects include (clockwise from top left) Handful of BerriesOnda Cowl, Paper Bag Cap, Escama del Dragon, and the Serena Shadow Shawl. Each is a free pattern that takes 1-2 skeins of yarn. 

Check out our Space Dyed Yarn Spotlight Pinterest board for pattern inspiration and projects by knitters just like you! 

What space dyed yarns do you have in your stash or on the needles? Share your projects and plans with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Ravelry today!

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