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Spring 2021 Make-It-Now

Let's welcome the return of spring with a new project! Our newest collection, Spring 2021 Make-It-Now, includes five accessories and two garments in a color palette reminiscent of spring flowers. The textured stitch patterns include mesh, cables, seed stitch, eyelets and knit-purl combinations in embossed relief that keep the maker’s attention, without being too taxing.


The Deledda Tee, by Kristen TenDyke, is knit all in one piece with minimal shaping to keep the focus on the fascinating stitch pattern. Deledda is knit in 3232 Peachblossom Silk Blend. Nancy Vandivert’s Charpentier Cardigan is knit in one piece from the top down. The lace panel begins at the shoulder for the sleeves and at the bust line for the body. Alpaca Heather in H21791 Goji Berry is the colorway of the sample. 

Shawls and Scarves

Expect to reach for these accessories across several seasons. The Ebadi Scarf, by ND Designs, is knit lengthwise, with a mesh-stitch panel shrinking at one end of the row while growing at the other, separated by a constant panel of seed stitch. It is photographed in S2010 Canyon Serena. Feliz and Cabrito combine to give Susanna IC’s Elion Shawl a lofty feel and subtle coloration with reversible cables. In this project Z2333 Lagoon (Feliz), and R7164 Ultramarine (Cabrito) are held together throughout. Christine Marie Chen’s Yonath has cables at the edges and between mesh panels to give the cowl structure as well as visual interest. Linen-blend Milo, shown here in i2061 Pollen, keeps the fabric’s stitch patterns crisp and the fabric light.

Fingerless Mitts

Grace Akhrem’s Chickering Sage Mitts are a companion to her Chickering Sage Hat. Here the same cable motif is offset by a ribbed detail on the palm. One skein of Milo, i2464 Lisboa, will make the mitts. For a crochet option, Linda Dean’s Munro Mitts feature a simple pattern stitch of alternating half-double crochet and chain stitches that flow easily around a finish-free thumb. Photographed above in 408 Crystal Goblet Fino


As we have shared before, the Manos del Uruguay cooperatives were founded to develop economic opportunities for the women of Uruguay. Your continued support of Manos del Uruguay yarns contributes to the success of these artisans. The pattern names are a nod to women who’ve won the Nobel Prize: Grazia Deledda (Literature, 1926), Emmanuelle Charpentier (Chemistry, 2020), Shirin Ebadi (Peace, 2003), Gertrude Elion (Medicine, 1988), Ada Yonath (Chemistry, 2009), and Alice Munro (Literature, 2013).

Which design will you cast on first? We encourage you to share your projects and plans with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Ravelry. Pin these designs from our dedicated Pinterest board for your spring planning!

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