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Fairmount Fibers, Ltd.
U.S. Distributor of Manos del Uruguay Yarns

The Cardo Collection

The Cardo Collection designed by the Fairmount Fibers team celebrates the newest yarn from Manos del Uruguay: Cardo! Cardo is a crisp, resilient bulky-weight yarn made of 100% Corriedale wool in a 4-ply construction. From sweaters to accessories, Cardo gives pristine stitch definition to warm knits that work up in a hurry.

Jabiru is a jacket with clean lines and classic details: collar; knitted-in button bands; set-in sleeves; selvedge stitch to keep edges tidy and make seaming easier. Seed stitch provides an ornamental element that’s still in keeping with the overall tailored look. Shown here in Spirulina and 8-13 skeins are needed depending on the selected size. 

Tero is a buttonless cardigan with delightfully chunky 2x2 ribbing at all its edges. The pattern band is continuous around the midsection thanks to the seamless construction, and provides a great opportunity for the pop of a playful accent color. Putty and Goldenrod are the contrast colors against the main color of Manchester.

The Tinamou pullover takes advantage of Cardo’s crisp stitch definition for a yoke composed of easy patterns that yield graphic impact. Worked from the top down, both body and sleeve length are easily customizable to make this your favorite walk-in-the-woods sweater. Putty is the main color with Manchester and Cirrus for contrast. 

Tanager is a more-than-generous scarf with the simplest possible intarsia (no charts, no bobbins!). The colorblock structure is an open canvas for your own palette of 5 colors. We’ve chosen Manchester, Putty, Spirulina, Goldenrod, and Cirrus for a modern vibe.

The Seriema cowl overlays vertical ribs on a background of garter-ridge stripes. The simple slip-stitch technique means working only one color per round. The sample project used Goldenrod and Putty. Fold the upper edge inward so it fits under your chin, or leave it upright so you can tuck your nose inside!

Hornero takes a simple stripe sequence and reverses it halfway up a hat and mittens. The dynamic color play that results is the focal point of the set; shaping is minimal. Two skeins of each color will yield a complete set. Shown here in Manchester and Spirulina. 

In the Kiskadee set, 1x1 rib evolves into stockinette stitch, with the transition concealed in increases and decreases. The hat shows peaks and valleys, while the mitts spread stockinette outward from the base of the thumb until it surrounds the hand. Two skeins of Cardo will make the set! Goldenrod is used in the modeled photographs.


Whether you are starting these projects for gifts or for yourself, we hope you’ll share them with us. Capture those Cardo projects on Facebook or Instagram and happy knitting! 


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