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Weaving at the Co-operatives

The blog of the cooperatives, manosdeluruguay.wordpress.com, shared a post last fall in which the Rural Association of Uruguay (ARU) honored four women at the opening ceremony of Expo Prado, an international exhibition of agricultural industry and commercial goods. These women symbolized the value of rural women, one of whom is Sonia Wilkinson. Sonia has been a weaver at the Manos del Uruguay cooperatives for 38 years! Uruguayan Women Sonia shared these words:
For me it has been an honor to represent my people. Manos del Uruguay has been my school, my second home and they value what I do. In addition to giving us tools and raw materials, we were given training for personal growth in different areas of the cooperative and the environment in which we live. It marked a path in my life, with values to achieve our goals: responsibility, respect, love, commitment, solidarity, effort, and perseverance.
Sonia at Loom

Here, Sonia is pictured at a loom. On the Manos Co-operatives Instagram feed, they recently shared a video clip of a warp being made, check it out:

Estamos urdiendo! We are making a warp! #warp #wool #manosdeluruguay

A video posted by Manos del Uruguay (@manosdeluruguay) on

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