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U.S. Distributor of Manos del Uruguay Yarns

Blankets and Toys for Kids

In our previous blog post, we shared small project and pattern inspiration for knitting for kids. Today we would like to spotlight other gift items you can make, toys and blankets, in Manos del Uruguay yarns. Blankets at Fairmount Fibers On the Fairmount Fibers Patterns page, you can view the assortment of blanket patterns available by selecting "Home Decor" from the type drop-down menu. While only the Cocheito Baby Blanket is specifically sized for a crib blanket, any of the patterns could be knit for a child. Simply use the child's favorite colors and consider using Gloria or Clara, so that it is an easy-care item!

Blueyecat Chevron Blanket Woolandflaxyarns' Pinwheel Blanket

Handknit items are meant to be used! We love seeing project photos of the item in action; we spotted these blanket projects keeping the kids cozy. Here are Blueyecat's Chevron Blanket in Serena and woolandflaxyarns' Pinwheel Blanket in Silk Blend. Waldorf Rabbit Frances the Sock Wearing Fox Maximus Octopus Toys can be a fun surprise, part of a game or story, or even a cuddle buddy. They tend to not use a lot of yardage, so you might even be able to make a toy with the leftovers from a blanket or sweater! Shown above is jenjoy77's Waldorf Rabbit in Silk Blend, aprilshowers' Frances the Sock Wearing Fox in Maxima, and an Octopus in Maxima from What to Knit The Toddler Years. Check out our Toys Pinterest board for even more ideas! Have you knit or crochet a special toy or blanket for a little one? We love to share in the joy of seeing your hard work enjoyed, and are always looking for projects to share! You can find us on Facebook, Ravelry, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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