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Francis Mallmann and Manos del Uruguay

Francis Mallmann is a renowned South American T.V. chef. He is an expert at cooking with fire, and as Food & Wine put it, "over it, under it, in it and around it". Recently, he taped a segment at the Manos cooperative in Fraile Muerto, where much of our yarn is made. In the photos and videos shared here, you can see he is cooking over an open flame in the yard next to the workshop. Maxima and Silk Blend can be spotted hanging on the lines over his head. If you have a skein or more of M7158 Mixed Berries tagged by Leticia or Blanca, and you happen to notice the yarn smells like barbecue, here's the reason why! The photos and remainder of this post originally appeared on manosdeluruguay.wordpress.com. francis-mallman-manos-del-uruguay-9francis-mallman-manos-del-uruguay-4 Francis Mallmann, a famous Argentine gourmet chef visited and cooked in our cooperative Fraile Muerto in Cerro Largo. In his relentless pursuit of new and unknown landscapes, Francis chose our rural Uruguay and gently rolling hills, where he found the perfect setting for one of his original gastronomic adventures. CARF is a sector of the Manos del Uruguay cooperatives dedicated to spinning and dyeing wool by hand. francis-mallman-manos-del-uruguay-13francis-mallman-manos-del-uruguay-3francis-mallman-manos-del-uruguay-16 Francis's visit caused a stir in the cooperative and the entire village. Cameras filled the central square and settled in the village to participate in the spectacle of Francis Mallmann manning the cooking fire. The artisans showed their culinary skills as well and entertained the distinguished guest with homemade bread, fried cake, dulce de leche, jams and stew. Surrounded by artisans, turkeys and lambs and framed by newly dyed skeins of wool drying in the sun, Francis cooked in large pot over low heat and delighted us with golden rice. The dining experience was full of almost overwhelming original tastes and aromas. francis-mallman-manos-del-uruguay-10 francis-mallman-manos-del-uruguay-23 francis-mallman-manos-del-uruguay-28 There are also several YouTube videos linked at the bottom of the original post. A few for your enjoyment to see the cooking in action are here, here, and here.  

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