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Free Pattern: Serena Shadow Shawl

Our latest free pattern is for an easy shawl in this Spring's new yarn, Serena. [caption id="attachment_376" align="aligncenter" width="237" caption="As a shawl"]As a shawl[/caption] Serena is a wonderful blend of baby alpaca (60%) and pima cotton (40%).  The alpaca gives it beautiful drape (as well as softness and warmth), while the cotton lightens it for warm-weather wear.  The color effect of the Manos kettle-dyeing on the combination of protein and cellulose fibers is soft, dusty, almost stonewashed or watercolor-like. Shadow Stitch combines stripes of color and texture:  one color is worked in garter stitch, one in stockinette.  When the stitch pattern interacts with the colors, the fabric almost shimmers as it moves.  This simple piece will go everywhere with you from breezy Spring days with t-shirts to strappy sundresses on summer evenings. [caption id="attachment_377" align="aligncenter" width="237" caption="As a scarf"]As a scarf[/caption] The pattern uses two skeins each of one semi-solid color and one space-dyed.  Download the pattern (and see our other free patterns) here.

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  • I would love to knit your Shadow pattern if I could be 100% sure of the weight of this yarn, is it fingerling weight or something else. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you I love your patterns.


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