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Fairmount Fibers, Ltd.
U.S. Distributor of Manos del Uruguay Yarns


Ponchos are topping the trend charts lately! While most ponchos are designed in a traditional rectangle shape with a neck opening, we are seeing more variety in the construction and different weights of Manos del Uruguay yarn being used. Generally larger than shawls, and more forgiving to make than a sweater, they are the perfect accessory to keep you warm all winter long. Poncho Designs in Manos del Uruguay Yarns Here are ponchos designed specifically for Manos del Uruguay yarns. Shown above (top row left to right) Ivy by Jocelyn J. Tunney in Manos Wool Clasica, Montevideo Capelet a free pattern in Manos Maxima, (bottom row left to right)  Vagabond Poncho by Judith Shangold in Wool Clasica, and Lithodora Poncho by Joanne Scrace crocheted in Manos Serena. Ravelry Poncho Projects Shown above are ponchos we discovered on Ravelry. Andytarr's Easy Lace Poncho in Manos Serena, sewtartt's Marilyn Dreams of Rhinebeck in Manos Maxima, and Carolyn192's Golden Flame #3 in Manos Wool Clasica.   Ponchos and Wraps from Manos del Uruguay Ruanas are poncho-like garments, made from a woven wool fabric. The simple design shows off the texture of hand-dyed yarn. You can shop online for ones made in the Manos del Uruguay co-operatives by clicking here.

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