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Spotlight on Shawls in Manos del Uruguay Yarns

Why do we love shawls? The practicality and portability factors top our lists for sure. Shawls can be simple or complicated, depending on the stitch pattern, but always beautiful. They are also season-spanning accessories! Today we’re sharing the newest shawl patterns and projects in Manos del Uruguay yarns.

New patterns from Fairmount Fibers

Inspired by the spiral shape of nautilus shells, the swirling eyelets and easy drape of Nautilo shows off the beautiful luster and softness of Feliz. The pattern is just one of the many free patterns available to download from Fairmount Fibers!

The Evil Queen Shawl in Cabrito takes its name from Snow White's stepmother, whose distinctive curving hood is the best example of the shawl's finished shape. The shawl uses a stitch pattern that is almost more air than fabric, making the most of Cabrito's fluffy texture. The mohair fills the spaces made by dropping triple yarnovers; the finished product is marvelously light yet warm. A tutorial blog post walks you through the steps of the six-row repeat that creates the striking stitch detail.

Shawl Projects by Ravelry Users in Manos del Uruguay Yarns

At the time of writing this post, the Ravelry database links 576 shawl patterns and over 18,000 shawl projects that include Manos del Uruguay yarns! Here are a few that caught our eye.

LaineArts’ Harmonizing Eleanor; pattern by Rosemary (Romi) Hill, knit with an Eleanor Fino Mini-Skein Bundle.

Abrnat’s Perseids Shawl; pattern by Susanna IC, knit in Fino.

Three colorways of Fino are used in CelticHeart911’s A Girl’s Best Friend, designed by Andrea Mowry.  

Sessions500’s A Hap for Harriet, designed by Kate Davies, is simply striking in Marina.


If you use one color or several and if you make a small shawl or one that is larger than your wingspan, we’d love to see it! The next time you post your pictures on Facebook, Instagram, or Ravelry, please tag us!

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  • Trying to knit Nautilo by Lisa Meyers and pattern is a little above my expertise. Is there a video of how to get started with the short rows and what to do with unused stitches. Thank you. I love the pattern an purchased the yarn in FELIZ in color Autumn. Would love to do justice to this outstanding pattern. Thank you. Shirley


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