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U.S. Distributor of Manos del Uruguay Yarns

The New Colorways

Don't you love summer? Everywhere you look there are bright saturated colors and we are pleased to add a bit more color to the world. There are more than forty new colorways across the different Manos del Uruguay yarns.

 New Fino Colorways


Left to Right: Gaslamp 418, Sealing Wax 417, Brass Button 419, Delft 412, Amethyst Earring 416, Silver Tea Set 415, Ivory Letter Opener 414, Rosewater 413

New Alegria Colorways


L-R: Columbina A9009, Colibri A9102, Fondo del mar A9632, Maiz A8720, Cabaret A8105, Macachines A9453, Fuego A6527, Otono A9375

New Maxima Colorways


L-R: Saffron M2013, Herb M2321, Wetland M2336, Larkspur M2414, Concord M2631, Kohl M2540, Tigerlilly M8977, Kermit M8106, Coquina M7240, Buccaneer M6726, Marie Antoinette M7121

New Silk Blend Colorways


L-R: Cactus Flower 3211, Algae 3212, Oxygen 3212, Tahiti 3210, Countess Violet 3213, Kohl 3059, Fire 3307, Farmstand 3306, Pressed Flower 3129, Moonwalk 3305

New Wool Clasica Colorways


L-R: Reindeer 85, Mandarin 84, Sunflower 83, Saguaro 86, Curacao 132, Grove 133, Unlimited 131

Now we leave it up to you to create bold, beautiful items with these yarns. Of course, we have new patterns and many free patterns that are just made for these yarns! If you're looking for more inspiration check out our Pinterest boards - we're always pinning new items and projects. Just look at the way other fans of Manos del Uruguay yarns are using the Neon colors! We hope that you not only find inspiration, but also share your work with us in our Ravelry group, on our Facebook page, or Tweet a quick picture @ManosYarns!


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