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Fairmount Fibers, Ltd.
U.S. Distributor of Manos del Uruguay Yarns


National Spinning and Weaving Week is taking place October 7-13. This is a great opportunity for us to spotlight how Manos del Uruguay yarns can work wonderfully in your weaving projects! Osage's Houndstooth Scarf was woven using Manos Silk Blend in a very trendy pattern. Cguigli's Teal Scarf uses Maxima to create a subtle and beautiful tonal pattern. The combination of Maxima and Wool Clasica in yopurlygirl's Joe's Extra Long Scarf is stylish and classic. Scarves are popular and practical projects for your loom, but there are many other ways to manipulate the woven fabric. Judith Shangold's website has an assortment of woven pieces, including this pleated jacket. The front and back of the jacket are woven on a rigid heddle or 4-harness loom and the side panels, sleeves and bottom are knitted. Judith's handbag is an eye-catching accessory. Over on the Schacht Spindle blog, there is a sample of Manos Silk Blend woven on a Zoom Loom. We have noticed many new projects popping up using pin looms and they are perfect for using your treasured Manos leftovers. See these and other weaving projects we have pinned on Pinterest! As always, we love to see how you turn our fiber into fabric. Please share your projects with us on our Facebook page or Ravelry group, or leave us a comment to share a link to your project. If you are not a weaver, but enjoy woven fabrics, it is possible to shop online for items woven in the co-operatives! Here are just a few items (from left to right): Dansi Scarf, Portal Scarf, Praga Ruana.    

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